Belgian restaurant - brewery

We are responsible for the taste of our beer,
as we cook it on our's own!


Каждый понедельник мы балуем всех любителей пива специальной ценой на лучшую закуску к этому напитку.
Полкилограмма раков размера 40-60 отдаем за 299 грн. А размера 60-80 за 399 грн.
Предложение действует с самого утра. Так что можете отпрашиваться с работы пораньше.

Our beer

Unique recipes and rich experience, the best foreign brewing practices, raw materials of the highest quality and love for work we do, transform ordinary ingredients into a great drink that can satisfy the most diverse tastes of our dear visitors. Our brewery cares about how to make the beer we create one and only, and how to give it a unique and memorable taste.

Food for Beer

A virtuoso combination of tastes, amazing non-trivial combinations of familiar products, interlacing of components and smells, author's recipes and the highest level of our dishes will open you doors in an amazing gastronomic world. All the spices and ingredients are thought out in each dish to the smallest details in such a way that the familiar products acquire a completely new and amazing taste.

Brugge is:

Belgian beer restaurant in Kiev. To give a tempted city a decent beer restaurant is not an easy job! On the creation of Brugge we were inspired by a small pub in Bruges (Belgium).In search of ideas, our team has traveled the best places in Europe, studied the tastes of gourmets and finally found the perfect combination: by chance in a Belgian town we tasted the ideal blended beer grades, saw the ideal foam density and enthusiastic faces of the guests. The product gave a smile after the first sip - this was the basis for the idea of ​​creating the perfect beer restaurant. We shared our thoughts with the owner of that beer house - he shared his recipes and technologies with us - so Marshal Konev 8, in a few thousand kilometers appeared a small island of Belgium - "Brugge".